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Name:Gabrielle Hartsting
Birthdate:Mar 12
1500s, England - An aristocratic lady (by her father), her mother was a witch - a power her father resented, enough to kill over. Or so Gabrielle has always suspected. Officially her mother's death was a tragic illness.

It's a power Gabrielle inherited, but has never been allowed to use. She's supposed to be the perfect daughter, not a devil's plaything of a witch. Her father has made that quite clear to her, driving it into her head on a regular basis. She is to be the perfectly behaved Lady, until he can find some rich scum to sell her off too. Someone who will do as well as he can at keeping her "devil powers" in check.

Gabrielle, of course, has other plans. After watching her father abuse - and kill - her mother, she has no intention of letting history repeat itself. Besides which, she's never been interested in any men, good or bad... though whether that truly does make her as abnormal as her father claims, she doesn't know.

Either way. The moment Gabrielle finds excitement? She's taking it. Or. She wants to, at least. It would help if her idea of heart pounding rebellion wasn't flashing another woman her ankle.

(She is occasionally played as a modern AU from this point)

Ghost-verse: 1500s-present: Attempting to escape, Gabrielle latched onto the first real excitement to enter into her life, in the form of [info]Fredrick; she saw him as her way out; as he attempted to charm her, she attempted to seduce him - until her oaf of a husband got in the way, and cut things short (along with her windpipe when she tried to stand in his way.)

Fredrick got immortality. She got stuck in a pendant he'd stolen from her room, designed to use a soul as fuel. Thankfully, it wasn't fully able to contain a witch - and over time she bled out, flowing into his body, and forcing the man to share space in his brain.

Present present: After five hundred years, and various attempts to free her, the magic of the amulet has finally been mutated enough to give her some freedom. She can project herself as an illusion, or even temporary (with permission) take control of Fredrick's body and form. After five hundred plus years of being trapped? It's time to have some fun. (Too bad she can't stay out for more than a few hours at a time.)

Mun and muse are 18+
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